Tunde and Funmi have been dating from university. They promised each other they will get married after their youth service. Funmi knew Tunde to be temperamental, over time she had tried to stop him from getting provoked over little provocation.

He kept on telling her …. “I will change, you know it’s an habit and gradually, it will wane off. Just continue to pray along with me.”

This has always been his statement each time.

One day, they boarded a commercial bus to see a movie at the cinema and the conductor didn’t give Tunde his change immediately because he was having five hundred and one thousand naira notes on him. The conductor held unto their money and promised to give him when he has changed the money.

Tunde became so upset, he started shouting in the bus as they were approaching their bus stop.

” Give me my change oo, else I will slap you”. “Ahhh, it has not gotten to that nah”, Funmi replied. “Shut up, it is none of your business” said Tunde.

He began to exchange words with the conductor and in no time, he slapped the conductor. The bus driver was annoyed, he pulled the bus over and the conductor started fighting with Tunde, tore Tunde’s shirt in the process.

Funmi felt so embarrassed despite all her plea to her fiance to let go and take it easy. She was irked and left the scene crying. Tunde, seeing this, stopped fighting and ran after Funmi, he tried to explain to her that the conductor irked him, she looked at him and only said “please, Tunde, it is over”.

So she boarded a motorbike to take her back home.

Lessons to Learn:
– Anger can be frightening due to its intensity and possible consequences.
It may feel as if anger is beyond your control but, in reality, everyone can learn to control their responses to anger.
– Physical violence in intimate or any relationship is a serious criminal offence and it is never acceptable as a response to conflict or provocation.
– Never you shut up your partner in public
– Do not allow anger make you behave like an unwise
– Think before taking any action because you might not be able to handle the consequences.
– If you cannot control your anger privately, it will be difficult to control it in public.
– Anger and violence kill relationship faster.

– Situations may arise which will make you want to react negatively, but at that point, calm down and be sensitive to respond.
– Always pray that God should help you remove the spirit of anger and also not to fall into temptations. Now, the question is, what if the fight between Tunde and the conductor had led to death? The blame would have been on the Devil.
– If you have anger problem you should seek help from a therapist, counselor and a health professional.

Oh Lord, give us wisdom to help us live in peace with our partners and kill every spirit of anger in us in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Ighoifewo O. Moses

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