The excitement that filled the hearts of the residents of Babani Street could not be quantified yesterday as the Executive Chairman, Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA, Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola took a tour of the street to mark out structures that would pave way for the Road construction on the street.

The residents who turned out in their numbers heaped praises on the Council boss as words like “Ayoola for second term”, “Talk and do Chairman”, rent the air. The residents alluded to the fact that there road which was last constructed in 1983 will now get a facelift as they have been informed interlocking blocks will be the best option for their street.

As the Chairman sort for a spot to link the Street to Ago Hausa he spotted a place which was blocked by a building under construction.

“If I get the owner of this building and it goes off, I will open the Road and link it to Ago Hausa,” Hon. Ayoola began.

“We are going to work out a compensation plan, so ask the owner of this property to come to the Council so we can talk with him.”

He instructed the Supervisor for Works, Hon. Adio to serve the building and mark it out for demolition.

The people suggested he links the road with that at Godo, which they saw as a second option.

“Wait, common sense shows that the second option is going to involve demolition of too many houses. This will be a tedious process; let’s work with the first option as a lot of people would be affected and we are not ready to displace our people.”

Upon that statement, the Chairman moved up and saw playful 5 year old Ayo Hassan who was having fun, jumping at a corner.

Hon. Ayoola with little Ayo Hassan

Hon. Ayoola with little Ayo Hassan

Hon. Ayoola then extended his hands to him, played with him and asked that the mother of the child sees him in the Council after he had given him some crispy notes.

“Why didn’t this boy go to school today?” Ayoola asked in Yoruba. The grandmother responded that they relocated but now stays in the shop.


“Bring him to the Council tomorrow and see the Secretary. He just won himself a scholarship,” Ayoola enthused.

This news brought joy to the grandmother as the mammoth crowd cheered and applauded the Chairman’s gesture.

Hon. Ayoola further went down and inspected the entrance from Ago Hausa Street where there will be a drainage that will take water to the canal.

It would be recalled that Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola in his quest for the construction of 21 Roads, had a stakeholders meeting with landlords of Babani and Goriola Streets on Monday, asking them to take down structures that will impede the construction of their roads.