The mark of a true visionary leader is her ability to imagine the future and act on it, yielding great results in the process and then using this success for the benefit of others. Palma Muriel Jacob falls perfectly under under this category of leaders. And there is no better time to appreciate and congratulate her than on this occasion of her birthday.

Though words are insufficient to capture the uniqueness and vibrancy of a pacesetter like her who has truly touched lives and reached the unreached. Your courage, resilience and tenacity of purpose in the pursuit of your vision to put smiles on the faces of ordinary people have, no doubt, stood you out as one of the greatest women of our time.

You have proven yourself to be a leader of high ethics and morality, exhibiting uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership and we are proud to hold you as someone worthy of emulation. You are a fantastic role model for all those seeking to understand how to make an impact with their life.

Palma Jacob is a doting mother and a family person to the core. She is the CEO of Time Out With Sunshine, a fast growing online personal development platform. The outfit is set out to discover and celebrate extraordinary people of all ages, who have by any means been through life threatening difficulties and still made it to success. According her, “We find them, we help them, we encourage them and celebrate them.”

Sunshine, as she is fondly called by family and friends attended her Primary and Secondary education in the eastern part of Nigeria, she proceeded to the University of Lagos [UNILAG] where she did her first degree with excellent grades. She later travelled to the United State of America and United Arab Emirates [UAE] for further studies. She has bagged several honorary awards and enviable qualifications both in Nigeria and overseas.

She has widely travelled round the globe, from Africa to Europe, to America, Asia and to UAE, where she resides presently. As a global change agent and trail blazer, she strongly believes every woman can become whatever she dreams to be if she works on herself because according to her “femininity is not an impediment to growth.” Having achieved a lot as a woman has not in anyway affected her personality as she still remains the humble, amiable and down to earth woman.

Sunshine, a half-caste from a Nigerian father and a Filipino mother, got married at a very tender age, had her kids as a teenager and struggled to grow up alongside with them. She understands the very meaning of being in need which gave birth to the many outreach programs she is running today with a bigger vision for equipping the less privileged in the near future.

Presently she is a training professional in learning and development, safety, security, coaching, public speaking and training presentations with competences in editing, designing and videography that completes her package.

On this special day, we want to use this opportunity to tell you that we recognize and celebrate your labour of love towards humanity and hope for many years of useful work together for the good of mankind.

Happiest Birthday nwanyi ka ibe ya mma, may this day be the beginning of new accomplishments for you, may lines continue to fall on pleasant places for you, odds will forever be in your favour. May God give you more wisdom, good health and grace as we work together to create a new Nigeria we all envisage in Jesus mighty name.

Happy Birthday to SILC 2020 keynote speaker and Best Leadership awardee.

Ifeanyi JP
Bossman: Success in Leadership Conference [SILC] & Hall of Fame [HOF]