A relationship is like sailing in a sea, sometimes you go up with the high tides and sometimes you go down with the low tides. Misunderstanding is the failure to understand your partner.

It is clear that misunderstanding in relationships occur because expectations are not being met.

Each person comes in with certain expectations. These are based on past experiences, childhood, or how you think things should be. The problem is that no two people think the same, no matter how much things you have in common.

Misunderstanding will inevitably occur in a close relationship and if it is not properly managed, can kill the relationship, the only way of getting around it is to focus on sharing your opinions when it arises in a productive way by learning how to communicate with your friend/partner and become more in-tune with the meaning behind each other’s words, then you can enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.


  • Listening to your partner’s perspective is key and exercise patience when he/she flares up in between the misunderstanding other than raise your voice at the same time is a great way of curbing misunderstanding from been prolonged and escalating.
  • Remember not to sweat the small stuff. Instead of making every little molehill a mountain, agree to not make something a battle unless it is truly important. Realize that not every disagreement needs to be an argument. Of course, this does not mean you bow to someone else’s demands when it is something you feel strongly about, but take the time to question the level of importance of the matter at hand.
  • Keep in mind, your objective is to solve the problem, rather than win the fight. Resist the urge to be contrary just for that reason.

Remember that it is better to be happy than right! Prayer: Father, help me to be highly patient and act wisely when misunderstanding arises in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Imade Osamwonyi

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