In 2013, Sandra finally gained admission into one of the best Universities in Nigeria to study Civil Engineering. She promised herself never to forget the purpose she was in school. Whenever she notices anything that will cause distraction, she reminds herself, “this is not for me”.

Sandra kept on with this passion and did extremely well in her academics which made some of her course mates envy her until she got into 200 level.

She met Obinna who was in 400 level, studying Mass communication, he is from the moon, so cute that every lady would wanted him, Sandra soliloquized.

Not too long, she fell in love with him because of his urban campus lifestyle, proximity to incredible financial assistance and robust opportunity to study abroad because his siblings are there.

Sandra no longer attends classes regularly, most times seen in campus walking with Obinna. She became the eye of Obinna in school, partying, gossiping about what she saw and heard, telling Obinna all that happened.

Suddenly there was a shift; her friends became distant from her because of her new life style. None of her friends wanted to associate with her anymore.

It finally dawned on her when she saw her result with four carry-overs, the next semester became worse with poor performance in her courses.

Obinna had gone for his I.T abroad, also to see his family . “What have I done to myself? How did I get to this level? Is this how my dream will be shattered?” She cried aloud but her tears couldn’t help the grades anymore which made her not to complete her pursuit as at when due but had to stay extra year or leave the school to start another life again.

Lessons To Learn:
– Never be distracted from your pursuit because of things that won’t last.
– No matter how interesting campus wayward life looks like, it won’t yield anything good, the end always leads to regret.

– Distraction is not part of one’s vision for those with great dreams because it will slow them down, instead turn such avenue to research findings.
– Always remember that not all that glitters is gold. Don’t be short-sighted.

Father, please help me not to use my hands to create regrets that was never planned for me in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Ighoifewo Moses

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