After losing his job as a Classroom teacher in one of the Private schools in Ajegunle due to his health condition, life for Sunday Odia was a living hell coupled with the fact that he couldn’t secure another job as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Sunday who has been suffering from hernia for two years found life unbearable and had nowhere to run to for help, because the pains became so unbearable for him.

A resident of Ojo Road in Ajegunle, an area he has lived all his life, Sunday put a Facebook chat across to the SA to Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola on Media, McAnthony Anaelechukwu that read in parts; “Please kindly help me, I have hernia that’s getting bigger by the day and I don’t have money to carry out the operation. I need help before it kills me,” he said.

“Can you please link me to Ayoola if he can help me out. God bless and reward you richly.”

These were the words of a young man that had lost hope and could barely feed talk less of affording N100,000. 00 needed for the surgical operation.

Upon sighting the message, the SA immediately sent a chat across to the Executive Chairman, Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA thus, “This Ajegunle youth is in pains sir. He needs an operation ASAP.”

In less than two minutes, Hon. Ayoola directed his SA to meet with Hon. Mary Adeyemi Bella, the SLG who immediately asked Hon. Muheeb Adetunji Lawal to take the young man to the Ajeromi General Hospital.

Upon arrival at the General Hospital, Sunday was examined and was given a date to come for the surgical operation after series of examinations and tests were carried out on him.

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Sunday Odia on the hospital bed after the surgery.

Wednesday, 20th January, 2020, Sunday Odia was successfully operated upon alongside Yemi, a young man working with one of the Councilors in Ajeromi-Ifelodun who also had a similar issue. It might interest you to know that Hon. Ayoola also footed his bills and today, they sing to the high heavens of the good works of the amiable Chairman while still recuperating at the hospital.

“I have lost hope; I thought this ailment would take my life until the Executive Chairman came to my rescue” Sunday Odia told Community Watch Plus.

“I am not from his local government, but Ifelodun LCDA and the Chairman never looked at my location; he didn’t even look at the fact that I might not vote for him during the coming elections. Infact, I am short of words but can only say that Hon. Ayoola is God sent. He is the angel God sent to deliver me. May God bless him richly and grant him his second term ticket,” he submitted.

On the part of Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola, he only said, “He is an Ajegunle youth and we can’t close our eyes to see an AJ youth go through such pains. What we have done, we did it for God.”

In all this episode that was covered by Community Watch Plus, we want to really give kudos to Hon. Muheeb Lawal Adetunji who is also an SA to the Executive Chairman on Political Matters, for his quick response and follow-ups, as he was always with Sunday Odia and Yemi from the very first day until the day they both had the surgery. Men like this are rare.

We can however recall that Hon. Ayoola once paid for the surgical operation of one Lawal from Owoyemi Street at Ojo Road, who had pox growing inside his bones. The operation was performed successfully at Falletti Hospital and today, the young man is up and about his duties.