By McAnthony Anaelechukwu

  • Muyibi and John Okorie Streets Under Review
  • Uzor Street in Retrospect
  • One Year Abandoned ‘Hospital’
  • Judgmental Approach by On Air Personality, OPJ

IT Was with rapt attention that I listened to a Radio programme anchored by OPJ on Wazobia fm. A call was put across to Hon. Rita Orji, Legislator, representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Federal Constituency.


The call smirked off as one filled with hate and total disregard to the Local Government Council and the good people of Ajegunle which she represents right there in Abuja.


Her allegations that the Council Boss, Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola and the All Progressives Congress which she called, “Anti Peoples’ Congress” were threatening to take her life is rather preposterous and unimaginable.


Muyibi Street

I was on the entourage of the Executive Chairman, Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola, on that fateful day we visited contractors working on that road. On getting to the site, the Contractor handling the Project under FERMA, met with the Executive Chairman and stated that they were only instructed to work on the drainage on 30metres of the Road only.


Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola then sought for ways to assist them on sighting that they were not instructed as contained in their contract, to work on the culverts that was already in bad shape.


The Council Boss then decided to help out with the culverts and link the road to the adjoining street.


Muyibi on its part is a very lengthy road, and the Lagos State Government through the Lagos State Public Works Corporation, had constructed the Road from the Trinity axis up to the 2nd Benue axis of the Road which is over 300m in length.


Now, for Hon. Rita Orji to claim she facilitated just 30metres of Drainage construction on the end part of that Road is rather appalling because we believed she could have done better than that. An outright rehabilitation to meet up with where the LSPWC stopped would have been very much appreciated.


Thus far, the contractors on that Road are enjoying the goodwill of the local government as the visible impact the Council has created on that road is quite commendable and appreciated even by the residents of Muyibi Street.


John Okorie Street

John Okorie Street is a Road leading to nowhere exactly, as there is no thoroughfare to link it with another Street. But when at night, the Councilor of that ward, Ward I sighted some kind of activities going on in that Street, they approached the men they saw and asked them what they were doing and invited them to come to the council, stating that activities cannot go on in the local government without the notice of the Council.


The following day, Mr. Orji, Hon. Rita’s husband came to the Local Government Secretariat to meet with the Executive Chairman as regards the construction of that Road. He admitted that the approach used by his wife was wrong and promised that she was going to visit the Executive Chairman upon return to the community.


Till this point, we are still expecting Hon. Rita Orji to visit the Executive Chairman.


It will be recalled that, for the past three years Hon. Rita Orji has been representing the good people of Ajeromi-Ifelodun, she has never for once, visited the local government secretariat, nor brought any project to the knowledge of the then Executive Secretary, the then Sole Administrator nor the Executive Chairman.


Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola, upon visitation to John Okorie Street, discovered that the contractors were rather using blocks for drainage construction instead of casted stones; and as such decided to help out with the Drainage construction while FERMA continued with the interlocking blocks.


It is quite a pity that Hon. Rita Orji would want to go confrontational with the government of the day, going into retrospect the brouhaha that greeted the ongoing construction of Uzor Street by the Lagos State Government and the Local Government Council.


Diplomatic OPJ as he is fondly called on Wazobia fm in his comment during the interview, stated that, “APC pipu sef make una dey do some roads sef eh dem dey do this side dem go dey do that side. Una nor gree do una dey go fight those weh dey manage dey do small tin.”


This is rather laughable coming from someone who claims, “Ajegunle is my own and I will put eye politically on it” because it is quite clear that he has not visited Ajeromi-Ifeolodun in recent times to see what Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola is doing in just 7 months in Office. It is also clear that he had not seen the work the APC led Government is also doing in Ajegunle as a whole.


I would rather have expected Diplomatic OPJ to do more of balanced journalism by putting a call across to a chieftain, or someone from the local government Council or the APC.


The erroneous lies he had made the people to believe on his show can be termed to be “junk journalism and biased reportage” of a story being passed across to him; and for the fact that he also referred to the local government as, “Ajegunle is becoming a signboard local government area” is unbelievably fallacious coming from an OAP such as him.


Needless I say, Hon. Rita Orji is gradually being known in this clime as a propagandist that thrives in lies to achieve her selfish interest. Can you in any way, compare the gigantic works carried out by Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila in Surulere LGA to what Hon. Rita Orji is doing in Ajeromi-Ifelodun?


On that Radio Programme, which I believe was recorded and not a live show, she would have earlier told OPJ that she commissioned some boreholes, which when brought up by OPJ, she waved it aside systematically. It is on record that Hon. Rita never commissioned any borehole in recent past; instead, she had only refurbished some that were constructed earlier by past administrations.


It is still fresh in my head, March 4, 2017, I was one of the Press guys that was on her entourage the day she commissioned her ‘hospital’ and carried out free medical screening and tests, at Okorogbo area of Ajegunle.


I was marveled and shocked to my bone marrows that the house she commissioned and called a hospital has been under lock and key since the 5th of March, 2017. That is more than a year she carried out that exercise. What do we then call that kind of deceitful act? That is supposed to be a constituency project.


It is a shame that she can descend so low to state on Radio that her life is under threat. No one has EVER and would EVER threaten her life as it is also on record that she is the one that just did same recently to her close associate, Jeff Joshua.


She is our representative and am sure the arms of the present government is wide open to accept her any time she deems it fit to visit and partner with Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola to take Ajeromi-Ifelodun to a global stage instead of engaging in plethora of lies to achieve her selfish goals.