Zubairu Muazu, Lagos State Commissioner of Police, has warned its officers to desist from arresting anyone on the basis of having dreadlocks or tattoos.

Muazu, who was speaking at an event in Lagos, also said the Nigeria Police Force is constantly training and re-training officers to ensure every personnel actions is within the confines of the law.

He said: “We have been sensitizing and talking to our police officers that not everybody you see on dreadlocks is a cultist. Some are born with dreadlocks.

“If I feel like tattooing my hand, why not, I have the right to do that. Not everybody you see with tattoo is a cultist.

“We are working hard on that. I am sure if you’ve noticed the trends of recent, such nasty arrests are no more going on in Lagos state and we will continue to do so”

Muazu who also commented on rape and sexual assault by the Police said all security stakeholders and Nigerians should join the force in putting an end to it, as it is a societal issue.

“I believe it’s a societal issue and we all have to come together. What the police during cases like this is always reactionary.

“The family and society and everybody should work towards that to come up with a way forward on this issue.

“We need your assistance and cooperation to ensure that we get the Nigeria Police Force out of this mess that is in now.”