“You caused it”
“No, You did, you could not even keep to your promise, “I trusted you so much for 2 years but you have shattered my dreams”.

This argument went on for another one hour until they started to shed tears instead of having a happy reunion.

Kolade and Hannah’s love for each other was second to none during their school days. Their friends felt jealous of them and envied their relationship.

Kolade left for the United States of America immediately after his NYSC while Hannah started her catering business before getting a good paid job.

Initially, they communicated as often as possible and enjoyed each other’s company on phone calls, chats, video calls, and so on. But as time went by, the communication inadequacies silently crept in through their carelessness and distance apart, which was a big blow on them.

Hannah complained severally that he had stopped keeping in touch like before, but Kolade would on his own part, reply her that reaching out to her everyday after a long, stressful and tedious day was not easy for him to do and always reminded her that he was engaged in few jobs in preparation for their wedding back in Nigeria.

Not only that, Hannah lost trust & confidence in Kolade after her unrelenting efforts to always reach out to him like it used to be. She also began to consider giving another relationship a try before disappointment sets in.

Eventually, she got fed up, got engaged to another man within two years of Kolade’s departure. Now, Kolade is back from the States and wants to tie the knot with her.

He was disappointed that Hannah had moved on without him, his dreams were not only shattered but looked like his life was also torn apart.

Should Hannah tell Lucas, her new lover that, she is no longer interested after they had both gone to see each other’s parents?

Should she just accept Kolade and continue the paused love life that had been on hold ?

Lessons to learn
– Lack of Communication is one of the most common problems in a long distant relationship. A good relationship like that of Hannah and Kolade was a wonderful thing, but when their mismanagement of communication crept in through their carelessness, it resulted in a deadly angle.

– Partners living apart by physical distance must ensure that they are more than close to each other through constant communication. Please, note that, the extent at which your partner can take things may be slightly different from yours, people want to be talked to almost at every given opportunity, especially in a relationship and mostly women.
You will do yourselves a lot of good and close a lot of mind gaps if you communicate often with your love partner who is close or distant.

Lord, give me the wisdom to create enough time to communicate often with my partner, so as to plan and fulfil marital mandate and explore great things together in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Allen William

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