By Olamivine


Money is a very powerful tool, which can easily ruin relationship.

It will take no time to break a friendship or even marriage which might have taken ages to flourish and bloom.

This simple piece of paper called money is given more importance than anything else in this world.

Just like the Holy book said “the love of money, is the root of all evil”. Monetary problems do arise and are inevitable.

We might loan our friend some money, we may owe them some, or it might be their time to pay the bill whichever way it comes, problems of such sort arise almost all the time amongst friends, colleagues, spouses.

However it depends on us as to how we deal with them. We should not let money come in the way of our friendship with someone, because some things in this world are priceless.

– Most important thing you can do to avoid money becoming a source of friction in your personal relationships is to ensure you are clear what’s important to you about money and the role it plays in your life. Once you know that, your relationship with money will become a whole lot easier.

– Understanding you and your partner’s deep-seated money emotions is key to both agreeing your overall approach to money and improving your decisions. The more you know yourself, the more you can make allowances for your money biases and those of your partner.

– Money does not have to be a contentious issue or cause of friction in any relationship. Control money, don’t allow money to control you.

Lord, grant us relief from debt and financial burdens and wisdom to manage our finances in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

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