For almost two years of being married to Rosemary Ekaette, I can tell you two things. The first is that I love her dearly and secondly, any time the matter of money arises, love seems to scurry to a corner and becomes forgotten.

There are three things that define my marriage: Love, constant communication and money. We have a firm handle on the first two. The third one seems to keep us awake at night, usually facing opposite directions.

I have learned quite painfully that money in my marriage is divided into three groups: her money, my money and our money. I have learned to respect this distinction with a heart of honesty. I have seen our finance improve because of this.

We learned that an important thing to know in mastering out finance is to determine who gets what and what goes where. Amazingly, love and constant communication have improved when we started learning to manage our money matters like this.

Lessons To Learn:
– The matter of money is an important part in marriage. Most people neglect this part thinking that things will get better over time. It never always gets better, especially if couples are not deliberate with their financial life.
– Other areas of marriage improve when the money aspect is settled and vice versa.
– A key to mastering marriage finance is in understanding what works for your marriage. What works for another marriage might not work for you.

– Pray for direction in your marriage as regards money. Good ideas that work are usually gotten in the place of prayer.
– In addition to prayer, read books on money management and investment. Knowledge precedes dominion in the area of finance.
– Couples should do the above together. Unity of purpose has a huge impact on how well a marriage’s finance will flourish.

Lord, help us to receive direction on how to manage money in our marriage. Help us to be diligent in putting to action what we receive in the place of prayer and planning, with a heart of unity in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Bright U. Nkwocha

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