“Honey, hmmm! Can you imagine, what happened at work today?”. Dinma called me from the kitchen. “What is it Sweetie? I can’t wait to hear it, but not now. We would have to talk about it and any other thing before going to bed”, I answered her. After 12 years of being married, you would think it was just yesterday and it is our honeymoon. But this has been the practice in our home even after 2 kids.

Like most couples, Dinma and I are just like two jolly friends. It amazes people, wondering how come we still behave like two little school children.

My determination has always been to be my wife’s bestie despite anything. When a man and a woman decide to get married, they are actually marrying their best friend.

Truly, I am married to my best friend. Whenever we go out, I introduce my wife as my girlfriend and she blushes on hearing it.

“What …. you are my girlfriend, are you not?” I would ask and she will reply “Yes …. I am.” I am her friend! Close friend! We are truly best of friends!

So, I guess that makes me her boyfriend too. And like most good friendships, ours has been wonderful over time. Imagine how sweet and funny that, my two lovely kids always refer to her as “Daddy’s girlfriend”. We love to invest in our friendship we, look after it and guide it jealously.

People always think it is because we are compatible in so many ways, yet, there is more to it. Though, I am not saying that we instantly became best friends, but it has been a long and purposeful process.

Over the years, Dinma and I became good friends and also got closer than before, by spending more time together having fun; telling each other stories that made us laugh, showed so much interest in each other’s personal dealings, pray together, eat together and sometimes, bath together.

Lessons To Learn:
– Cherish the fact that you have a teammate, a soulmate in life because it is impossible to underestimate the difference it makes.
– Friends are great but family is what gets us through the worst of life and your partner is the closest family you will ever have – best friend – your bestie.

– Your partner/spouse should be your bestie! That is the person who will be there for you at all times, through thick and thin. You are that person he or she will rely on for emotional support which friends cannot give to you. Please, be sure to be present – physically, emotionally, spiritually and whatever it might take.
– Remember that a relationship is partnership, which can go deeper than anything else you are likely going to find in life. “Being in it together” is not just a catchy phrase of just “clicking”, it is also about being ready to be the best of friends in everything

Oh Lord! open our eyes to see the good in our spouses and make them our best friends in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Olamivine EO.

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