By Ugochukwu Nwankwo – Sports Editor

  • Instagram takes down Neymar’s video showing his WhatsApp chat with the alleged victim.

The 27-year old Brazilian and PSG striker, Neymar Jr was accused of rape on the 31st of may by an unnamed lady later identified as ‘Najila Trindad’.

The event allegedly took place on May 16th in a hotel in Paris. In the video released by Neymar showed his WhatsApp chat with the accuser, their messages contained sex chat, nudes, and other raunchy details.

Majority of social media users have come out to commend the Brazilian footballer for his courage and efforts in clearing his name.

The Sao Paulo Police were confirmed to have been to Granja Comary, a neighborhood in Brazil and official training ground of the Brazilian national team. They came to officially notify Neymar about the accusations laid against him. No charges were made

Other reports suggest Neymar was handed a Subpoena in relation to him sharing private pictures of the unnamed woman without permission. It is known to be a forbidden act in Brazil and as such Neymar Jr has broken some laws.

Neymar’s father has come to the defense of his estranged son.

Neymar Sr, the father, and agent of Neymar had a lot to say in relation to the accusations.

“We didn’t have any choice, I prefer an internet crime to rape”.

“It was Instagram that took down the video, By Instagram rules, it was normal. He [Neymar] censored the images and the name [ of the woman]. He just needed to defend himself quickly, it’s better to be truthful and show what happened”.

When asked if it was just a setup/blackmail, Neymar Sr went further to say how they were blackmailed but they refused to subscribe to the terms of the accuser’s lawyer as they were void of guilty and had no reason to pay any amount whatsoever.

“When we realized that we would go public with this as an extortion, we spoke to our lawyers and received these people to understand what they wanted”

Neymar Sr added.

“When they informed us that they wanted money we refused them. I was reached by a lawyer that said he was [the woman’s] representative.”

Neymar is currently in camp with the Brazilian National team as they prepare for the Copa America which has eluded them for 12 years. Last time they won this competition was in 2007 under Dunga.

Neymar was stripped off his captaincy, he was fined by PSG for indecent, can this year get any worse for Neymar Jr?