On February 1, the Lagos state government implemented a ban on okada and tricycle in 15 local councils.

Although the government explained that the decision was taken in the interest of the state, many people reacted negatively.

The ban came into effect on Saturday but it was on Monday that a lot of people felt the effect. Many trekked distances while commercial bus operators increased their fares.

A reporter, Bosun Oloyede, described the government’s policy as an “ill-conceived idea”, saying it has to be canceled.

“You can’t put a blanket ban on motorcycles without providing alternatives. I’m going to GRA…I’ve been here for over 40 minutes. I trekked down from under bridge down here, with the hope that this place might be better,” he said.

“People have had to cover long distances to their places of work by trekking, there is still traffic and commuters have to pay more. The government needs to remove the ban because this is additional suffering for us. It is too much.”

A commuter, who simply identified himself as Tomiwa, said: “There was mad traffic on the way to Ikoyi today. I spent almost four hours before I could get to Falomo. Instead of solving traffic issues, now we have more gridlock since the government wants more cars on the road.”

Below are pictures of commuters struggling to cope with the ban:



Okada still plying Ikorodu road

People struggling to get on the bus at Egbeda