Peter and Loveth got married without considering their financial incompatibility. She is the extravagant type while he is the prudent type.

Months into their marriage, the problem came up, but this time around the burden was too much on Peter who is the sole financial source of the family.

His account was going RED because Loveth loves to shop often, eat out in expensive restaurants.

One faithful day, Peter came back from work and he presented a budget on how they are to spend money in the family, stating their income and every necessary expense ranging from gas refill to hair cut.

He also had a miscellaneous account wherein they could buy things from at anytime outside their budget. This didn’t go down well with Loveth and it led to series of disagreements and arguments. The couple had to visit their marriage mentor to present the challenge at hand. Over time, she came along and began to live within the budget.

Lessons To Learn:
– Lovers should always discuss their financial compatibility from the onset and if there is any irregularities, it should be worked upon before going into Marriage.
– Budgeting is compulsory in Marriage in order to serve as a guide to each partner.
– Couples should sort out any lifestyle eating up/causing disagreement in their marriage.

– Adequate financial planning can’t be overruled, it’s necessary that expenses be minimized to/balanced with their income.
– Budgeting helps you have enough money for the things needed as it’s already stated in the plan.
– Budgeting help to keep you out of debt or help work your way out of debt.

Father, imbibe the spirit of budgeting in us to enable us spend aright and plan ahead in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Osamwonyi Imade.

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