THE Story of Esau and Jacob is one that should teach us a serious lesson and prepare us for opportunities. Apart from the fact that Esau sold his birthright, there are two striking things I just discovered about that man. Let’s go!

When Isaac was about to pass on, he called Esau and told him to prepare him venison that he may eat and bless him. Immediately Isaac placed the order, Esau set out to the field to hunt and that was how Jacob took advantage of Esau’s negligence. Now, can we say Esau did the wrong thing by going to the field? Of course not, he did the right thing but at the wrong time.

Here are the two things I discovered about Esau:

  1. He didn’t have a saving culture. Esau was a hardworking man no doubt, but he didn’t know the importance of savings. He believed that there would always be meat in the bush hence; he didn’t see the need to nurture his own animals.

If Esau had been nurturing his own animals, he wouldn’t have gone far into the bush to look for meat to prepare for his aged and almost dying father.

Jacob wasn’t as hardworking as Esau but he was smarter. Esau thought he would be lucky like every other day and he got the rudest shock ever.

My friend, don’t wait for rainy days before you buy umbrella. No matter how much you’re earning daily, weekly or monthly, don’t rule out your savings. Esau missed the opportunity to get his father’s blessing because he didn’t have a reserve somewhere. That’s how many people have lost opportunities that could have transformed their lives.

  1. He was insensitive. The prophecy came before they were born, that the older one will serve the younger. That prophecy could have been fulfilled somehow, but Esau helped to make it faster.

Jacob tricked Esau the first time with red pottage and took his birthright; this act alone should have put Esau on his toes and be very careful. Jacob and Rebekah knew Esau’s lapses and they capitalized on it.

After Issac blessed Jacob, Esau came back from the field weeping and making reference to the first time Jacob cheated him but it was already too late for him. Esau knew that Isaac was old and his eyes were dim; if he had killed any random animal and prepared it Isaac wouldn’t have known but Esau wasn’t sensitive to the urgency at hand and he missed it.

When people hurt you the first time, forgive them but don’t lose guard. When you get too comfortable with them, you never know what next they have up their sleeves. Esau underestimated Jacob and he paid dearly for it! Don’t make that mistake.

Don’t be like Esau. Be sensitive and watchful and most of all, be prepared.

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