Tony has started acting suspicious, his behaviour lately is outrageous and I can’t just place it. Why on earth would he not pick his calls when I am around and even whenever I call, all I get is “I am sorry babe, I am so busy at the moment, I will call you back later”.

Hmmmm …. I don’t want to believe what I am thinking is true … could Tony be cheating on me? I am beginning to think he is having an affair with someone else.┬áBut, I bet it, he wouldn’t dare do that, not when we are planning to get married soon.

These and many more were running through my mind, my head was full with so many unbelievable pictures, or could it be that a new lady in his office is taking most of his time because I remember Clara telling me she had seen them together on several occasions, which I confronted him to ask and all I could get from him was ” babe, how can you ever believe such?

“How can I ever cheat on you after all we have gone through together over the years, not even when we are planning to get married soon. Does it mean you no longer trust me anymore? Whatever you have seen or heard between Stella and I is purely official, no more, no less”. “Babe, I love you so much and I can’t betray our love for anything”.

Hmmmm…. But truly I don’t seem to believe him any longer, I am beginning to suspect his moves, talk and actions lately.

Lessons To Learn:
– Persons who are too suspicious, experience so much insecurity, active imagination, greater chronic jealousy and low self-esteem. Most times, these thoughts are irrational, they are painful at all times and therefore, if allowed to grow may kill (crumble or crash) your relationship.

– Also it will give rise to constant negative emotions towards your partner, prowling around and checking on his or her activities, personal belongings, spying on phone calls, messages, emails, being suspicious and feeling insecure when the partner gives attention to someone who may be a potential rival …. Beware!

– See suspicion as another type of jealousy, which is not based on the actual deeds of our partner but merely on our state of mind. It is always hard to bear as we are not sure what the real situation is and the optimal course of action is unclear. Therefore, don’t give your mind to it.

– Avoid suspicion. It can lead to your partner rallying against your position and actually doing the thing you suspect of them.
– Suspicion is a thin line between watching out for signs of lying and completely mistrusting everything someone does, to the point at which you are virtually hunting for some incriminating evidences.
– Don’t allow your suspicion to easily develop into a weapon that breaks up your relationship.
– If you are fond of suspecting your partner at all times, you need help; it’s time to consult a therapist or a counselor.

Oh Lord! fill our heart with love and take away any dent of suspicion towards our partner in Jesus’ Name.

This article was prepared by: Olamivine EO

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