Vincent and I have been married for 10 years. And I have come to realize his ways of doing things.

He, on the other hand, understands some values I cherish. We grew to understand ourselves, need not say, our values, the fuel to our marriage.

We love to travel, have a sense of adventure, like the same people, love to touch people’s lives, and we usually don’t disagree on things. I feel like no one has ever seen, known, understood or appreciated me the way Vincent does.

I am not afraid to let him see the worst in me and vice versa. There are no pretenses with him, I get to be real me always. For us, marriage is not only about the idea of love or romance but also about the promises to do whatever it takes and be whatever we need to be in the moment to stay together.

We even promised not to give up on each other irrespective of any situation or circumstances – our values and commitment to each other.

Also, money has never been an issue between us so far because we are not thrifty.

Fortunately, we have the same values on most things. Because of this, we really don’t see ourselves argue most times neither do we agonize over things. We come to a compromise by just realizing that we share the same goals and values.

Lessons To Learn:
– It is super helpful when couples have their biggest personal values in common.
– Many relationships and marriages fail because one party tries to overpower the other or demands too much.
– It is expedient you list out your values to help your marriage grow strong and last longer, if not, there will be misplacement and misunderstanding of values.

– In order to grow as a couple, you need to look at yourselves carefully to evaluate your needs and proceed accordingly.
– Learn what is actually important to you as an individual and as a couple. List out your values. Learn what you really are. Make out time to talk about the definitions of yours and your partner’s. We often find out that our ideas about what each values might differ significantly. We don’t only write down the values, but also create a definition we could both agree on.
– Your values also enhance your unity. Make your spouse your ally rather than your competitor

Lord! Make us pull through together in different seasons of our lives, to help us come closer, care for one another as we blossom and bloom as one in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

This article was prepared by: Olamivine EO

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