October, the month of “Breast Cancer Awareness “, and the world is flocking to do various ways to raise awareness of breast cancer, one of which is the No Bra Day movement .

For 2019, the day without bra is celebrated today, Sunday (10/13). This non-bra day movement is intended for women to leave their cavities at home, and donate money that is normally used to buy this underwear, for breast cancer charity.

Women are encouraged to ‘feel more free’ or ‘be in a feminist commitment’ when they ‘throw away their braids’.

For some women activists, bras are a symbol of oppression and are not a way to prevent back pain due to holding breasts. Also not to hold the breast down, when a woman is active.

The originator of “No Bra Day” is Boobstagram, in 2014, a French online page with a mission statement that says “Show your breasts on the web, to show your doctor it’s better”.

Today, on Twitter’s mass line, hashtag # NoBraDay is becoming the most popular topic. Until 16:11 WIB, the hashtag #NoBraDay has been used by more than 91,000 Twitter users

As reported by the bustle, here are some benefits you can get when choosing not to wear a bra .

1. Reducing pain

Even if it depends on whether you put your bra on properly or not, leaving without using a bra can help relieve pain.

“Tight bras can cause rib, back and neck pain,” explained Dr. Anuradha Seshadri, Internal Medicine Physician at UCLA Health, told Bustle.

Bra illustration.  (Shutterstock)
Bra illustration. (Shutterstock)

2. More comfortable

Women with small breasts may feel more comfortable and move more easily when not wearing a bra. However, women with large breasts will not be comfortable. “However, it returns to the size, style and comfort, but more to the individuality and diversity of women,” explained Patricia Geraghty, medical director of women’s health at Comprehensive Wellness, California.

3. Experts call wearing a bra is actually not very useful

Professor Jean-Denis Roullion from the University of Franche-Comté has conducted research for 15 years on the effects of bras on the breast in that time period. He revealed, wearing a bra does not provide benefits, both medically, physiologically, and anatomically.

3. Breasts become firmer

In the same study, Roullion found that not using a bra actually makes a woman’s breasts stronger. The long-term effect of not wearing a bra shows even more muscle tissue that grows to provide natural support. “The body must use chest muscles to awaken breast tissue against gravity.”

4. Better blood circulation

Not wearing a bra allows blood to flow more easily around the chest to help in building muscle tissue and keep skin tight.

However, Geragthy said, if you choose to keep wearing a bra, that’s not a serious problem. “When a bra leaves a red mark on the pressure point around the rib cage or on the shoulder, this shows an effect on the surface circulation of the skin and will not cause negative health consequences in healthy women,” he explained.

Bra illustration.  (Shutterstock)
Bra illustration. (Shutterstock)

5. Cleaner skin

Not wearing a bra turns out to be healthier and reduces the risk of infection. “Dirt and sweat that has accumulated underneath (bra, red) can cause skin infections and acne,” explained Dr. Seshadri.

6. Sleep better

If you are a person who wears a bra to sleep, you may feel more ‘limited’, as expressed by Dr. Seshadri.

7. If you are more comfortable wearing a bra, do it

“As large women with large breasts wear bras for reasons of comfort,” Geraghty said. However, make sure you use the right bra.